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Tour The Boats

In addition to the Memorial Wall bearing the names of all U.S. Navy and Coast Guard sailors who died in Vietnam, the Memorial site is the home to three restored craft that represent the type of boats representative of the "Brown Water Navy" in Vietnam. We welcome you aboard the boats for a virtual tour. Please select the craft you would like to visit and the tour will begin.

PCF 104 is a U.S. Navy Patrol Craft, Fast, better known as a Swift Boat. These boats were an integral component of Task Force 115, or "Market Time" operations established 24 March 1965. Combined with air and waterborne elements of the U. S. Navy and U. S. Coast Guard, Swift Boats were credited with successfully blockading the entire South Vietnam coast, making it impossible for enemy waterborne transportation of contraband.

A versatile craft, the Swift Boat performed a variety of missions on the coast and inland waterways of Vietnam until their turnover to the Vietnamese Navy in 1970.

PCF 104 is a U.S. Navy Patrol Craft,
CCB 18 is a Command and Control Boat that supported the mission of Task Force 117, the Mobile Riverine Force. As originally envisioned, the Mobile Riverine Force would support an infantry brigade and an artillery battalion using a variety of modified landing craft, support ships and specially designed assault boats. In essence, this strike unit would be a self-contained amphibious assault force, complete with all support elements except aircraft. The Mobile Riverine Force was comprised of U.S. Navy personnel plus a brigade from the 9th Infantry Division chosen to provide the infantry component of the Mobile Riverine Force. Click for CCB video by Everett Jones

Gamewarden's PBR is a Patrol Boat River, better known as a PBR. These craft supported the mission of Task Force 116 in Vietnam.
In December of 1965, naval leadership determined the need to command the waterways of the Mekong Delta. In pursuit of that goal, Task Force 116 was established. River Patrol Squadron 5 was formed as the principal PBR unit operating under CTF-116. PBR's commenced their first combat patrols under operation code name.

"Gamewarden". PBR's patrolled the Mekong delta checking cargo and the identity of junks and sampans plying the waterways. At night, they set ambushes and supported SEAL and UDT special operations and enforced nighttime curfew restrictions.

Task Force 116 was disestablished in December 1970, and 293 U. S. Navy PBR's were transferred to the South Vietnamese Navy.
Gamewarden’s PBR is a Patrol Boat River